Tamil Digital Library Network (TADILNET) is an Internet based networking group of individuals and institutional representatives engaged in or interested in building digital Tamil collections. It is a voluntary forum to share information on the content of individual collections, location of primary resources, sharing of experience in Tamil digitization efforts, build common standards and protocols that lead to efficient comprehensive catalogue of e-archives, search engines etc.

Currently the TADILNET forum consists of ca. 30 individuals from many of the leading academic institutions (academicians, librarians incharge of libraries with major Tamil resource collections and software professionals interested in Tamil Digital Library development) and they come from India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and North America. The group uses a net-based mailing list at Yahoo groups for continuous dialogue (tadilnet@yahoogroups.com). Subscription is open to anyone interested in Digital Tamil Library Development.

This website is under construction.

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List of Participants

Following is the list of persons who have joined together to get this TADILNET initiative
off the ground (listed regionwise):


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